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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, March 23, 2018

White Privilege Is Making a Comeback, But It’s Really Liberal Privilege

Recently one of the surviving students from the Parkland, Florida, school shooting took on the task of explaining how white privilege is to blame for any of our nation‘s problems, but especially how whites are just plain mean. Of course this student has been thoroughly indoctrinated by leftist teachers and leftist, Democrat operatives and is just regurgitating the liberal side of things. So in that light, I’d like to make some non-leftist observations on this wholly created and overblown theory of white privilege, and use those observations to accuse the left of being the real and actual supremacists, whether they be black or white or white-Hispanic or whatever:

The proof of liberal, Democrat supremacy, in which poor people, both black and white, are mistreated, is to be found in the various welfare programs which are way too numerous in America. The unfortunate people trapped in these programs are needed by Democrats for the votes they render that keep Democrat politicians in office. Therefore, welfare has been made too pleasant and lacks the shame that once kept people from resorting to this trap as a way of life. When people are on welfare they lack the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment that one gets from working, supporting a family, achieving success and hopefully becoming somewhat wealthy. The Democrat party is using these people for their own, selfish, political ends. It’s true that most Democrat power brokers are white, but all of them, whether black or white,  are liberals, so the cause of welfare recipients’ misery is due to Liberal Privilege.

Planned Parenthood kills numerous babies each year, either just because they can, or in order to sell the baby parts they harvest as a result of their efforts. It’s been long known that the originator of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, implemented her movement as a way of getting rid of the black race by killing their babies. So Ms Sanger got the abortion ball rolling using black babies, and liberals expanded the murderous practice to all races; of course there’s no racism involved with these Privileged Liberal policies.

Non-violent illegal aliens live in constant fear of being attacked by violent illegal aliens, and the sanctuary city calamity that is protecting the violent illegals was of course begun by white liberals who exercised their privilege by pretending to welcome any and all illegals into the country as long as they would vote Democrat in each and every election. That’s who liberals are, and that’s what they do. So peaceful illegal aliens suffer and have to live under the threat and fear of the violent illegals, because American Democrats, exercising Liberal Privilege, need their vote.

In a prosperous society, welfare can survive because it takes a relatively small portion of the total budget of the government in order to sustain it. But after the reign of Obama with his doubling of America’s debt in just eight years, America’s national debt continues to increment and shows no hint of stopping soon. So before too long our debt will reach the breaking point, and the poorest and least well-situated citizen or non-citizen among us will be hurt worst by the enormous interest rate our government will have to pay in order to get more international loans to continue its spending. So anyone on welfare  and the as-yet unborn will be hit first and hardest as our government runs out of money and begins to disintegrate. Thanks be to Obama, a true Liberally Privileged person.

Again, in reference to the Democrat welfare scheme that has locked so many poor Americans in such a state of despair, failure and non-accomplishment, for a single mother to get approval to receive welfare payments, she must not have a man in the house. We know that there are men around because the women keep having more children in order to increase their income and government welfare benefits, but heaven forbid that the rules would force them to stop having additional fatherless children. No, the rules of Liberal Privilege Democrats instead demand that there be no man of record in the household to help raise and provide for the children. The result of this thoughtless provision is that the children of welfare mothers are more likely than the average child to commit crimes, too likely to be killed in gang wars, and they are destined to eventually create more welfare-bound single mothers, and this cycle of failure and depravity, based mainly on the fatherless family, continues to be sustained by Democrats. As stated above, this all comes from white Democrats who think the world needs them and their privilege of ruling over the lesser-races.

The racism of low expectations has been much spoken of. Democrats and their Liberal Privilege think that blacks and other minorities cannot make it on their own, but need help from white Democrats, who will gladly give them money and stuff, as long as the politician gets their vote in return. This is pure and simple racism and Liberal Privilege coming from liberal Democrats.

The only actual, real privilege I’m aware of is Hillary Clinton thinking she deserves the presidency and Chelsea Clinton, just out of college, being awarded a six-figure income from NBC for which she did nothing the entire year of the contract. And she got this rather high salary simply because she is a Clinton and the leftist liberal news agents at NBC wanted the favorable, handy access to and contact with the first family of American crime.

The only privilege in this declining society of ours is Liberal Privilege, the kind of privilege that Barack Obama got without question for eight years as he destroyed and Fundamentally Transformed America, and this outrage must end NOW!