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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What’s Good For The Democrat Goose, Is Not Acceptable For The Republican Gander

As conservative radio talk show host Chris Plante is fond of saying: “If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all“. So with that principle in mind I have the following “standards” observations to comment on:

1. For Bill Clinton, lying, even lying under oath to a federal judge, was good because liberals inform us that people often lie in order to avoid telling someone the truth for fear of hurting their feelings. So lying to Democrats is a good thing.
However, for Republicans, if there’s the slightest hint of an untruth being represented, the Republican should be driven out of town, tarred and feathered.

2. Special investigation are a good tool to root out anything about Republicans that liberal Democrats don’t like. But when Ken Starr was investigating Bill Clinton, he, Mr. Starr, not the one who committed the acts, was branded as being a sexual pervert for uncovering Bill’s numerous and sundry sexual transgressions and low dealings and making them public knowledge.

3. When a Democrat is being investigated for sexual peccadilloes,  the tainted act is considered to be personal only and did not hinder the Democrat in doing his job at all. If a Republican is found to have strayed, he’s called a repeat offender of women, a perverted enemy of women, and is accused of leaving himself open for blackmail if the wrong people were to find out about the offense and hold it over his head.

4. If a Democrat president is accused of any fault, the accuser is reminded that this noble political servant is reshaping and reforming a great economy that is serving the nation, and therefore he should be left alone to “do the people‘s work“. But in the case of Donald Trump, who has just overseen the strongest economy and the highest stock market recovery in many years, Democrats claim that the economy is irrelevant and that President Trump’s economy is just building on the ever-more-quickly-expanding economy that Obama left behind, so Trump is fair game for criticism and investigation.

5. Rohm Emanual is famous for having said “never let a crisis go to waste”. So Democrats set about causing crises from every side so they can politicize them and gain points for “caring”. Examples would include the immigration crisis; the sanctuary cities crisis; the national debt crisis; the police killings crisis; the school gun shooting crisis; the North Korea talks crisis; the steel and aluminum tariff crisis, which, instead of actually being a crisis, as the Democrats claim, is in reality serving the Union workers who are the main source of income for the Democrat Party.

6. Illegal immigrants are given a place of “Sanctuary” from punishment for their crimes in many liberal-run cities, but American citizens and patriots, having no such place to find sanctuary, are expected to sit back quietly and watch our constitution, our laws and our economy be trampled by the political left while being verbally abused by Democrats for not having any compassion for the under-privileged and poor people of other countries and for not understanding the hobo camps of druggies and disturbed people in formerly beautiful cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

7. Bill Clinton skated free and easy from the charges of rape and for his conviction for lying under oath about his liaison with a young White House intern, but the slightest suggestion of some sort of completely voluntary relation with an adult women by a Republican politician gets him branded as unpresidential, an abuser of women, unbalanced mentally, and an overall bad person who must leave office immediately.

8. When guns are used in America’s too-frequent mass shootings all hell breaks loose among Democrats accusing the IRA of causing the attack, blaming the Republican president for allowing this to happen on his watch, and they make demands to remove all guns from the hands of all American citizens. But when it’s Steve Scalese and other Republicans who are shot and nearly killed by a supporter of the Socialist Bernie Sanders, one can hear a pin drop for the silence coming from the Democrat side of the aisle.

9. The United States’ constitution protects the rights of Democrats (an example would be the lying, Fake news liberal press whose right to report lying stories is assured by the constitution), but when it comes to protecting the constitutional rights of Republicans  (the second amendment is a good example), constitutional protection is irrelevant.

10. “S**t hole“, third world nations and poverty-laden back-country towns are garden spots per Democrats, who express love for them and think they are beautiful, as long as you don’t expect Democrats to take their families to these “s**t hole” places and spend a miserable week there trying to avoid robbery, stay healthy, locate clean water, obtain food that hasn’t spoiled due to a lack of refrigeration, and generally trying to remain alive during the visit.

11. Democrats see a simple and logical case to make when they propose taking guns away from law-abiding Americans for crimes they didn‘t commit, but to expect sanctuary cities to allow ICE to pick up criminal illegal aliens and get these criminals off the streets of America is not only racist in their opinion, but they are unable to comprehend the issue from a constitutional perspective and discuss it reasonably.

12. Idiot television talk show personalities on The View think Mike Pence is insane for claiming that he gets messages from God, but when Oprah Winfrey states that she is waiting for such a message from God, not a word is uttered in criticism.

13. Liberals like to make fun of Donald Trump for not being presidential, not acting like other presidents have and should act, and for defaming the precious national press for issuing Fake News, but when we look at the series of blatant lies that Obama told (keep your plan, etc; or his statement that he hasn’t the authority to grant immunity to illegal aliens, etc) one sees a president who did everything he could to tear down a free and wealthy America, which is unlike any former president of the United States. And when one looks at Obama’s closest friends and supporters (Bill Ayers: murderer and 1960s terrorist; Louis Farrakhan: racist, Jew hater, instigator; and his pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright: racist and America hater) one can see why Obama tried to “Fundamentally Transform America” along the lines of the preferences and influence of his closest associates and advisors.

14. When it comes to accusations of rape, Democrats think women should always be believed and that just their accusations alone should be sufficient to get the alleged rapist jailed. But for Bill Clinton, his female accusers were intimidated, paid off, shamed in public, and his lovely wife Hillary formed a bimbo eruptions committee to halt such women from making claims against her husband and force them to shut up.

15. When Democrats are backed into a corner and questioned about the latest scandal of the day, they claim that the accuser is racist (if the Democrat black), or that the politician is being kept from “the people’s work” with these questions (if he’s white), or that the accuser’s accusatory words “never fed a hungry child” which was Bill Clinton’s favorite dodge when he was backed into a corner and could not defend himself.
But when Republicans are questioned and accused of a transgression and attempt to use any of the Democrats’ dodges, he’s accused of obstructing justice, or he’s performing a cover-up, or he’s guilty of collusion, whatever that means, and a special investigator must be assigned immediately so the Republican can be impeached or put in jail, anything just to be gotten rid of.