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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Libs Progress From Offering Sanctuary From Threats Abroad To Needing Sanctuary From Threats Within

Thinking Americans will fondly recall the old (well at least as old as last year, given the frequency with which liberal Democrats are finding things to hate about America in the first year of the Trump administration) leftist screed that the illegal immigrants flowing like water across our borders were simply seeking “asylum“, then they renamed it “sanctuary”, from a foreign, oppressive, poverty-plagued, tyrannical government, and they claimed these unfortunate people were coming to America simply to find a place where they could raise their families in an environment of peace and opportunity.

Then Donald Trump was elected and liberals suddenly and gleefully took great offense in his identifying the foreign illegal immigrant invaders as refugees simply trying to escape foreign “hellholes”. The Democrat jargon immediately switched from these illegal immigrants needing sanctuary from the foreign rulers, to needing sanctuary from the President of the United States. Liberals were, of course, eager to identify a new crisis that they could politicize and profit from, so they began setting up “sanctuary” cities and then “sanctuary” states, that would protect these mostly-peaceful invaders of our borders from the evil Donald Trump. Another way of expressing the sanctuary lie is that liberals were protecting their future voters from the laws duly passed by the legislature of the United States. In still other words, they were and are breaking federal law.

What really happened is that liberals set up fictitious areas of refuge, called areas of “sanctuary”, that we now know are protecting murderers, thieves and wife beaters from justice, and it allows these criminals to continue to prey on the peaceful illegals also residing in sanctuary cities, with no fear of being arrested and put behind bars nor of being deported for their crimes.

So now the illegal aliens are securely ensconced in the United States where they can cast votes for Democrat candidates and assure a Democrat majority for the next fifty years, and the pivot in their ridiculous “sanctuary” scheme is that immigrants are being protected by liberal mayors and governors from any obstruction to their being illegally given a right to vote so they can become the new welfare class living in fear and poverty under Democrat tutelage, kind of like the old urban, poor, blacks that were kept on the Democrat plantation for so many years, and who are now finding employment, rising again to the middle class and approaching full employment after being liberated by the Trump administration, from the former Democrat entrapment.

One has to give Democrats credit for finding new voters to keep them in office, and now is a time when scandals and illegal acts from the top levels of the Obama administration, along with Trump’s reduced tax rates and the resulting improved job market, are reducing the Democrats’ chances of ever again gaining power from English-speaking and English-reading Americans. The new under-class residing in sanctuary cities and states only know that now they are getting enough to eat, their kids are in school, they are getting free healthcare and are getting welfare checks, and since many can neither understand nor read English, they don’t know that they are being taken advantage of by crooked Democrats and will in due course find themselves in a new form of hellhole in these liberal enclaves.

One hopes that our government will put these criminal Democrat “sanctuary” leaders in jail, soon.